Thursday, December 28, 2006

SOFTWARE GIANT Microsoft started linking your search habits with other personal data in a bid to create more personalised advertisements.

According to Mercury News, Vole rolled out the behavioural targeting technology in early September but did not disclose any dates that it would be used in anger.

Now it apparently plans to use cookies, mixed in with the personal information users provide when they sign up for Hotmail e-mail and other Microsoft sites to profile web users.
It will then use that information to build a profile for classes of users and flog marketers the opportunity to reach that targeted group as they surf. Yahoo and several other sites have used personalised ads based on web surfing habits, but so far Vole has stayed aloof.

In early tests Microsoft found that behavioural targeting increased by as much as 76 per cent the likelihood a visitor would click on an ad.
Vole seems to think that users will be happy to have their personal data used if they get advertisements that are relevant to them. Clearly they have not seen the Minority Report.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Google to sell Domain Name ?

We are not talking about its domain name of course!
Google has teamed up with eNom and GoDaddy to offer up domains for $10 per year. The most intresting part is that Google Apps for Your Domain service allows registrants to set up free email, IM, and calandar services with company logos.

Google engineer Costin Manolache also noted the offer includes private registration. This keeps personal information out of view of whois lookups.

Google Apps for Your Domain offers few services which organozations can privatize by using their own logos. It's currently a free way to offer members of the organization email, IM, and calendar services branded with the organization's name and logo.

Microsoft currently offers a free domain registration as part of its Office Live service. There are three tiers of service, and they focus on establishing a website and email for the domain; higher tiers provide the Office Live Business Contact Manager service.

But Microsoft tucks in something else with all three tiers. They provide a free copy of the Office Live adManager beta tool, which is used for managing adCenter campaigns.

Google has kept its focus on effective communications over a variety of options. They have noted ever since the launch of the Apps service that a premium version will become available in the future.

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Jimmy Wales , the founder of Wikipedia has announced plans for Wikiasari, an Internet search engine which will compete with Yahoo and Google.

But the main point in question is wether we need a new search engine, when we have the likes of Google and Yahoo? .
The search engine market is quite crowded with players like Google, Yahoo, Overture, Alltheweb, Altavista....crowding the web, and then comes this announcement.

What present day search engines have is an algorithmic searches that can sometimes be easily manipulated(through Keywords..etc..
Wiksari,proposes a new approach, It will be something like Wikipedia in that user-based human judgment will play an important role.
So I think it will be upon the users to select which site is usefull and all. Sounds Good.
Supporting this is the experience of Wales in managing the huge database of Wikipedia.

A provisional launch is planned for the first quarter of 2007, according to Wales.

Contrary to what was reported in The Times, the Wikiasari project is not partnered with Wikia, another project with Wales at the helm, has received project funding from

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Well..about the networking thing...
I'll tell you some things of my own..
The first thing that intrigued me was that can two PC's be directly connected to each other by a wire between them or do they need a Router or a switch??

I thaught and thaught & thaught upon this topic and then thaught some more when surfing thru the net I got the help I needed.I googled thru for "lan network beetwen two PC" and clicked on many of the results when I found 3-4 helpful sites.
The first thing that they taught me was that for establishing a lan nwtwork between two comp's you need a crossover cable.Be careful while buying the "Cable for Lan connection",buy the length which is neither too short nor too long else there will be unneccecary data loss and coiling up of the cable.If you are wondering what a crossover cable is, visit this site just copy and paste in your browser address bar.Also you need a Ethernet card or a Lan card as it is sometimes known.If you already have a broadband Internet connection,then you might have one of these.I have a Lan card built on my intel motherboard.

You will also need a RJ45 pin availabel cheap,but dont you yourself try to get the wire into the pin cause you have to do something known as "pushing the pins in" which needs a special instrument. I got the pinning done thru a small electronics shop for a cheap price of rs 10 i.e about 12cents.
But see that the wires are arranged in the same fashion as given in the diagram at the link above.The cable contains 8 small wires and the idea of crossover is simple. If comp 1 transmits data through wire 3, wire 3 should be connected to the receiving end of comp 2 and vice versa.

Well ,now after arranging the wires in the crossover fashion and then having the pin's clipped("pushing the pins in") its time for you to connect the two PC's manually with the wire.This should be done carefully so that the wire is concealed or is taken well above the head level if it is taken over the teracce.

..(Over here you should see a "Local Area connection" icon. If not then tyour lan card is not attached or configured properly using the drivers) Right click on the "Local area connection" and select properties from the drop down menu.It should look something like this..

If you dont have any of the above options like
Client for microsoft networks
File and printer sharing
etc etc ....

Click on the install button and install the options given in the diagram,the names may vary.Remember that you have to do this on both the comp's.
Ya almost finished!
Now highlight the last option i.e. "internet Protocol(TCP/IP) and then click on the properties tab below it.Now first of all decide which of the two comps should be the host or the server as you may call it.

For the host PC, enter the IP(Internet protocol)address as shown in the figure...
and click on OK

For the client PC (the other comp) enter it like this...
and click OK
We are almost their... on it. Then follow the steps.
Give a name to your comp and then let the "worgroup" name be "MSHOME" which should be the default(and the same) on both the comp's.
Repeat the procedure(giving a different name of course,but the same workgroup)on the other PC.

Now restart both the comp's for the settings to be saved.

My Network Places...
The icon may also be on the desktop.
Now do the following steps...

You'll now see the other comp.
If you have trouble, open the DOS window from the Accecories and type
ping 192.168.1.x (where 'x' is the last IP address digit of the other comp.).You'll understand the output.

Now to share a particular file,folder or drive, right click on it and select sharing.It will now be shared with the other comp.
Thats it then!!!!!!

Am now going to see if a game works on the network....lets see...

Leave me a message if any problems.